IMG Capital Partners
Private Investment Banking         

Our Mission Statement:

To serve God by helping others with financial and spiritual guidance. Educating those who are receptive to use their God given talents, health and financial resources for God's purpose. To pray daily for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in managing our client's portfolios so they may have an abundant life full of joy.

At IMG Capital Partners we bring opportunity to the table. Our biggest asset is our relationships. IMG Capital Partners is connected to Private Pooled Trust Funds, Pension Funds, Foundations and Private Investment Banks with Hundreds of Billions in assets under management.

IMG Capital Partners applies a value-added, strategic investment approach to identifying sectors of the economy and specific assets that we believe have strong long-term fundamentals. The team is committed to identifying investment opportunities in the global commercial real estate marketplace, and energy technologies worldwide. IMG maintains and creates structured financial programs in Europe and Asia to fund such projects. Our efforts are based in Humanitarian Objectives throughout the world.

IMG is happy to serve our client funding needs through our network of trading partners located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We specialize in customized strategic funding approaches for our clients by providing international funding solutions.

IMG Capital Partners is proud to provide 100% project funding for:

Real Estate, Technologies, Clean Water Systems, Infrastructure Projects, & Commodities




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